Finanšu auto līzings

Finanšu auto līzings | Auto līzinga veidi-kuru izvēlēties?

Finance car leasing 

Full service car lease, or long-term car lease is most often chosen by companies, principal activities of which are related to provision of services or production and delivery of products to customers. Within the framework of this car lease type all or individual car operation-related costs are included in monthly lease payments – starting with the first registration in the RTSD, annual technical inspection costs and duties, OCTA and KASKO insurance to maintenance, repairs, purchase of new tyres, tyre service and even spare parts. For the car to be always available to the customer in perfect technical condition, all its operation-related matters are solved by the full service car lease service provider.

What are full service car lease advantages?

+ car fleet costs are transparent, uniformly distributed over a longer period and easy-to-plan;

+ lease cars are not considered a fixed asset – company’s balance is not additionally burdened;

+ significant optimizing of finances, time and human resources – outsourcing provider can provide for high efficiency in use of resources, additionally – no staff unit inside the company is necessary for the car fleet management;

+ facilitated accounting – company receives one invoice for all car-related services;

+ 24/7 customer support – safety, support and continuous operating assistance to car users.

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